What makes Seven Orkid different?

Inspired by the world of fashion, hair and culture, Seven Orkid creates a new standard of beauty through products that are shaped to deliver on their promise. Seven Orkid has become a brand synonymous with integrity and their believers can’t help but use and love.

Born from a desire for excellence, we manufacture our hair products ourselves, certifying only the highest quality elements go into them.

Where are Seven Orkid products made?

Our products are proudly hand-made in our own manufacturing facility in Lebanon.

Where can I find Seven Orkid products?

Our products are found mostly in hair salons, supermarkets, mini markets and in retails shops.

Where do u have agents?

Our agents are distributed in Arab countries, such as syria, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Kuwait, etc. They are also spread in European countries, such as France, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, etc.